Log Book Servicing

Let us keep your car in top working order

Log book servicing is the minimum servicing your manufacturer requires in order for you to maintain your car’s warranty. You’re required to complete a log book service for your car at specified intervals during your warranty period, such as every six months.

Your car service log book contains specific information about how your car should be serviced. Our qualified mechanics look at this information and make sure your car is serviced to the exact requirements and standards specified.

Once your log book service is complete, our mechanics validate your service log book as a record of the service, so you can maintain your warranty and keep track of your car’s maintenance record.

Let our qualified service mechanics take care of your next log book service, and keep your car in top working order. We can also perform routine maintenance, safety or general repairs that may be required.

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Why Choose DMS for your log book service

Maintain your new car warranty with a Direct Mechanical Solutions logbook service.
Our logbook services include all the required manufacturer items plus a comprehensive safety check and we’ll stamp your logbook. 

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